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create ionic chat app with firebase

This tutorial we’re going to create simple Ionic chat app with firebase backend Technologies used: Ionic Framework (v3) Firebase 3 (we’re not going to use AngularFire) Creating new project in Firebase First, we need to create new project in firebase Step 1: Login with your Firebase ( & create new project step 2: Click “add firebase […]

Firebase Integration Ionic 2 – Introduction Ionic & Firebase Tutorial: This firebase integration with Ionic 2 contains following steps to do Create New Firebase Project from Create New Ionic 2 Project & Setting up dependencies Working with Ionic Project Create New Project ionic start –v2 Firebase blank Add Required platform ionic platform add android ionic platform […]

access photo gallery using ionic 2

In previous article, I’ve explained how to access Camera to take Picture using Ionic 2. This article I’m going to explain how to access photo gallery using ionic 2 Goal Access Gallery & Choose Picture Get Picture with Base64 String Convert Base64 String to Viewable Image DOWNLOAD SOURCE CODE Steps to follow 1. Create New […]

Access camera using Ionic 2

This example, I’m gonna explain how to access camera using Ionic 2 with Ionic Native Goal Take Picture via Camera & Display on the page DOWNLOAD SOURCE CODE Steps Create New Ionic 2 Project ionic start TakePhoto –v2 Add Required Platform ionic platform add android ionic platform add ios Add cordova Camera Plugin ( ionic […]

Ionic 2 ActionSheet Example

This Article I’m going to explain, How to create ActionSheet using Ionic Framework -v2. Goal: Create a button When user pressed button, open action sheet with 2 option Option 1: Access Camera Option 2: Access Gallery Display Output in console DOWNLOAD SOURCE CODE STEPS Create New Ionic 2 Project ionic start ActionSheet blank –v2 Create […]

Ionic 2 Date Picker Example

This article, I’m going to create Ionic 2 date picker example using typescript. Our Goal: Display Current Date time inside <ion-datetime></ion-datetime> Tag Open DatePicker for choose other date & change date DOWNLOAD SOURCE CODE STEPS Create new ionic blank project ionic start DatePicker blank –v2 create DateTime tag src/home.html with two-way(ngModel) binding <ion-content padding> <ion-datetime displayFormat=”DD-MM-YYYY HH:mm” […]


Publish a Phonegap App to Play Store This article, I’m going to write about how to publish a PhoneGap app to play store (Google / Android). you can use the same steps for publishing your Ionic & Cordova applications to Play Store This Includes following steps Generate apk in release mode Generate Key store file Signing […]

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