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In this article, we’re going to learn how to create API key in Google Console. It can be helpful for integrating google maps, push notification or any other google web services steps to create API key in Google Console Log in to your google console http://console.developers.google.com Create New Project Create API key for Android Create API […]

In this article, we’re going to learn how to create reverse client id for google login. It can be used in Cordova (PhoneGap) Google+ Login, Ionic 2 Google+ login. Step by step guide Login with developer console Create new project creating credentials for android & iOS apps Generating Hash key Step 1: login to https://console.developers.google.com with your […]


This article we’re going to learn how to Create Facebook Application for your PhoneGap, Cordova or Ionic based applications. Steps to create facebook application step 1: login with developers.facebook.com with your facebook account step 2: Create a new application step 3: Fill your developer & App Information & pass Captcha step 4: Goto DashBoard & Choose […]


Build Mobile Apps with WordPress using PhoneGap Part 1: Setup & Read Latest Post from WordPress Part 2: User Registration & Login In the last article, I have explained how to read a latest post from the WordPress blog. In this tutorial, I’m going to explain how to do user registration and user login using WordPress backend. […]

As per reader suggestion, I’m going to write the article for how to build mobile apps with WordPress using PhoneGap / Apache Cordova. Requirements: A WordPress Blog WordPress – JSON API (Plugin) WordPress – JSON API User Plugin Cordova CLI / PhoneGap Build Jquery [download src=”https://codesundar.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/10/wordpress.zip” text=”DOWNLOAD SOURCE CODE”] Step 1: Setup WordPress Blog Login to […]


This article, I’m going to explain How to Upload Images to server using PhoneGap File Transfer Plugin. Requirements PHP based Web Server (you can use local web servers) PhoneGap Camera Plugin (phonegap-plugin-camera) PhoneGap File Transfer Plugin Steps Writing Simple PHP code for receiving files from Mobile App Camera Plugin is used for accessing mobile Gallery […]


Publish a Phonegap App to Play Store This article, I’m going to write about how to publish a PhoneGap app to play store (Google / Android). you can use the same steps for publishing your Ionic & Cordova applications to Play Store This Includes following steps Generate apk in release mode Generate Key store file Signing […]


Top Tools for PhoneGap Developers & Ionic Developers List of Top tools for PhoneGap Developers & Ionic Developers. You can use these tools for prototyping & Designing, Development and Debugging purposes. WireFrame & Prototype Tools 1. InVision App InVision App is an online based prototyping tool, which is used for prototype your application (uses Images) 2. Moqups […]

One of my Favourite backend service provider parse.com is shutting down from 28 January 2016 & It’ll be completely shut down by 28 January 2017.   Facebook is closing parse developer platform (which is acquired for $85 million in 2013 ). Parse.com which has more than 6,00,000 apps Migrate your Parse server to your own […]

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