Want to create a mobile app for your book? we have a multi-purpose ionic book app template. Using this ionic book template you can convert your ebook into a mobile app (both Android & iOS). Please check below for all available features and screenshots.

Ionic Book Template Features:

  • JSON based Inputs
  • List of All topics
  • Flag your current topic
  • Search topic
  • Bottom navigation for topics
  • Side menu based ionic 4 theme
  • App Rating for Playstore & App Store
  • More Apps, About page
  • Angular Router
  • Social Share

What type of app you can build?

  • Convert books into android app
  • Convert book into ios app
  • Tips based apps
  • Recipe app
  • Storybooks into app

Platform supported:

  • Android
  • iOS
  • Web

Technologies used

  • Ionic 4



  • Initial Release