ionic taxi booking script like uber, ola
ionic taxi booking script like uber, ola

Save development time for creating a taxi booking app with our starter app. you use this script for creating an app like Ionic Uber, Ionic Ola, Ionic taxi booking script, ionic firebase taxi booking system


Ionic taxi booking driver app features

  • Login & Registration
  • Go online & offline
  • Google Maps integrated
  • Ride History
  • Ride & Earning Reports
  • Wallet
  • Google map Navigation
  • Accept or Reject requests
  • OTP for accept request
  • Cancel / complete Ride
  • User Profile Management
  • Edit profile, Edit car details, Upload documentation
  • Multi-language support

Ionic taxi booking rider app features

  • login & Registration
  • From & To address pickup
  • Distance and travel time calculation
  • Address suggestion using google maps API
  • Location pick from map
  • Request Taxi to nearby drivers
  • Apply Promo codes
  • Add Notes
  • Cancel Ride / SOS call
  • Dynamically generated OTP to start the trip
  • live location update
  • Estimated fare calculation based on google maps distance API
  • Rate trip
  • User Profile Management
  • Ride History
  • Optional Email & Phone Number Authentication (Facebook AccountKit)
  • Multi-language support

Ionic taxi booking admin panel features

  • Simple login
  • Manage User / Riders
  • Manage Drivers
  • View Trips
  • Settings
  • Manage Cars, and it’s pricing

Authentication methods

  • Email login with verification

Payment methods:

  • Cash
  • Credit card using stripe API

Technical Info

Technologies Used

  • Ionic 4 for Frontend (Android, iOS, Admin Panel)
  • Firebase Real-time Database, Storage, Authentication
  • Firebase Cloud Functions
  • Facebook AccountKit (for Phone number authentication)
  • Google Maps API
  • Stripe
  • AngularFire

Supported Platforms:

  • Android
  • iOS
  • Web



What I need to know before purchase ?

Please check all available features from the details page. unmentioned features are not available inside our script. If you need any clarification you can contact us before making a purchase.

Is that just template ?

No, it’s not a just template, it’s a fully functional ionic taxi booking app with firebase backend. Please read all available features.

What you’ll get after a purchase?

  • Driver App Source code
  • Rider app source code
  • Admin app source code
  • Documentation for setup
  • Firebase Cloud Functions

Do I get documentation for setup?

Yes, You can find a documentation link inside the purchased folder. If you’re facing any issue, you can directly contact me

Does it works on My Country ?

Make sure your country supports for Google Driving Direction & also check stripe supported countries ;

Note: Stripe support is an optional because you can implement any payment processing providers based on your country by writing few lines of additional code

Do I need a technical knowledge?

We have provided documentation for doing setup. However, You must have a basic knowledge in ionic and firebase for doing setup and customisation. If not, you can hire me (20USD/hour) for doing setup on your machine with additional charges.

How long your provide support?

You’ll get free updates for a lifetime.

Do you provide refund?

We do refund if you are facing any technical problem and we are not able to solve that technical problem in the first 14 days of your purchase.

Do you have any license model?

The source code comes with an unlimited license which you can use it for yourself and clients for multiple time but redistribution of source code in any form is illegal. If you exceed the use of the software on more than the license you bought. Your account has been suspended and cannot be reinstantiated in any way. If necessary legal action may be taken. No refund has been provided in case of breach of the license term.



How to get the latest version?: Just login with your purchased email address & download it for free without any wait.


Ionic 4 Release

  • full app migrated with the latest version of ionic 4 (admin, rider, driver)

V1.2.3 (minor update)

  • Fixed Cloud Function issues


  • Minor updates
  • Fixed build issue
  • Fixed Google API issue


  • Fixed Driver not found issue
  • Minor UI modification
  • Now, you can update your car icon directly from admin panel


  • Minor changes on admin panel
  • added driver name, wallet info on withdraw request on admin panel
  • fixed taxi icons issue


  • Minor bug fixed


  • Fixed Hanging issue on while cancel trip
  • Displayed Rider name on driver app
  • Added With withdraw request on admin panel for drivers
  • Minor changes on Admin panel
  • Modified database structure on “transactions” – !! important !!


  • Added login for admin panel
  • Added support for internationalization using ngx-translate.
  • Simplified Documentation & setup
  • Easy White labelling
  • Bank details for drivers


  • Minor UI changes
  • OTP generation
  • Updated documentation
  • Documentation upload
  • Email Verification / Phone number verification
  • Cancel Trip
  • Sound while new request received
  • Admin panel changes


  • Released a Simple admin panel to manage drivers, riders and Trips


  • Fixed issue on Driver wallet
  • Integrated map for the driver
  • Added Navigation button on pickup page
  • Stripe Integration


  • Initial release