HTML5 Mobile Templates for Phonegap ( Cordova )

Building User Interface (UI) is very important in mobile application. When we build mobile application using native development we already have set of UI components, sufficient tools and frameworks.but building an application using PhoneGap (cordova), we don't have a proper tools for that. Instead we need to create our own ui i decided to list some beautiful mobile templates / themes for PhoneGap application development.

List of HTML5 templates for PhoneGap:

here i've listed some beautiful html5 themes for your PhoneGap application. These themes contains sidebar, buttons, grid system, splash screen, gallery, form components like text box, input fields , transitions and more

Washington - HTML Front-end Mobile App/Web Template

Washington html5 mobile theme contains beautiful interface such as login, signup , list views, gallery, splash screen and more

Go Mobile - HTML5 Mobile Templates

GoMobile html5 mobile theme, is a simple and multipurpose mobile can use these themes for yourPhoneGap / apache cordova based projects

Enabled - html5 mobile templates Collections

Enabled is a envato user, who has created lots of html5 mobile templates with beautiful interfaces.

Mobix - HTML Mobile Template

mobix is also multipurpose html5 mobile theme forPhoneGap development

Gamma HTML5 Mobile Template for phonegap

gamma html5 templates contains beautiful flat designs, sidebars, retina-ready designs

These are Some HTML5 templates for mobile application, you can use these html5 themes for your PhoneGap based mobile applications. Comment below, If you want to add your themes here.