Introduction to Ionic & TypeScript

  • Getting Started with Ionic Development
  • Introduction to Ionic and TypeScript
  • Learn how to do environment setup for Android, and iOS development

UI Components & Theme Customization & Navigation

  • Exploring UI components such as buttons, sliders, segmentations, side menu, Forms, Icons, Images and lot more.
  • Implementing UI Component with our application
  • Theming our application
  • Learn how to create new page & navigating between pages with data

Working with Web Service

  • Connecting 3rd party web services
  • Working with Camera
  • Uploading Images to database
  • Uploading Images to File Server
  • Simple Login System with PHP & MySQL

Working with Firebase

  • Firebase Setup
  • CRUD with Realtime database
  • Uploading images with Firebase Storage
  • Firebase Authentication
  • Login with Facebook
  • Login with Google+

Working with Location

  • Accessing Geolocation
  • Working with Google Maps
  • Executing Firebase Geo Queries ( finding near by places)


  • Working with Local Storage
  • Working with SQLite


  • Working with Push Notification
  • Displaying Ads with AdMob
  • Receiving Payment using PayPal


  • Preparing for publishing
  • Setup Icon & Splash Screen
  • Play store publishing & App Store Publishing


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