Top 10 Tools for PhoneGap Developers

List of Top tools for PhoneGap Developers & Ionic Developers. You can use these tools for prototyping & Designing, Development and Debugging purposes.

WireFrame & Prototype Tools

1. InVision App

InVision App is an online based prototyping tool, which is used for prototype your application (uses Images)

2. Moqups

Moqups is an online base wireframing tool for web and mobile can use Moqups for Free for 1 Projects

3. Ionic Creator

Ionic Creator is the best tool, where we can get our app with source code. You can use Ionic creator for free for one project.

Text Editors

Visual code is also a cross-platform text editor developed by Microsoft Team

2. Sublime Text

Sublime Text is a cross-platform text editor (supports Windows, Linux, Mac)

3. Atom

Atom is a cross-platform text editor for the developer. Developed by Github Community

IDE for PhoneGap / Ionic Development

It's always better to use command line interfaces while working on cordova and ionic. I don't recommend any IDE for development.but I found these online

1. Eclipse Hybrid Mobile Tools (THyM)

This is a customised eclipse for developing hybrid mobile apps using Cordova and Ionic

2. Intel XDK

Intel XDK is a Drag and Drop IDE for developing PhoneGap, Apache Cordova & Ionic Apps. It also supports other frameworks such as framework7 and more

Debugging tools for PhoneGap / Ionic

1. Google Chrome Developer tools

Chrome Developer tool is a free tool for debugging mobile apps. Learn how to debug

2. Safari Developer tools

Learn how to debug iOS apps using Safari: 

Additional Tools

1.Vysor (Chrome Plugin) - For Android

Vysor is a chrome plugin used for sharing your mobile screen without root your Android Phone

2. Quick Time Player

You can use QuickTime Player for sharing you iOS device with your mac.


A REST API test client for a chrome

Please comment below to suggest us any tools which you're using for development.