Update Ionic app name, icon, splash


I teach how to build apps using ionic and flutter

This lesson, we're going to learn how to change ionic app icon, splash screen and app name, widget Id.

Changing Ionic App Icon & Splash Image

before starting, you must have app icon & splash images with following sizes.

  • Icon size: 1024px x 1024px (File name: icon.png)
  • Splash Image: 2732px × 2732px (File name: splash.png)
  • File Format: must be .png

copy your newly created icon.png and splash.png to project/resources/ & replace existing files.now you need to execute

<code class="language-bash">ionic cordova resources</code>

it might requires to login with your ionic account.you can create it for free from ionicframework.com

Changing app name & Widget Id

just follow above image and you can update your app name, version, widget id. Note: widget id must be unique for every app. To generate widget Id, you can follow some standard like com.company.appname , Examples: com.codesundar.firechat uk.google.duo in.airtel.recharge