Hand-on Live Training for Flutter

We offer a 1:1 hands-on live training program to become a flutter developer.

  • Live Training & Source Code
  • Learn from an Expert
  • Learn by Building Realtime Apps

What is Flutter?

Flutter is a Google’s cross-platform mobile application framework that allows you to create Android, iOS, and PWA using single codebase (Dart) with high performance

Who can learn?

  • Entrepreneur: Are an entrepreneur who wants to build the next billion-dollar app? Here is a solution for you! We cover all aspects of app development with flutter
  • Student or Job Seeker: If you’re a student or job seekers who want to learn & explore Flutter or looking for a career change with flutter? we can help you!
  • Anyone: Yes, Anyone who wants to learn flutter, we can help you

Benefits of this course

  • This course is entirely designed with beginners in mind.
  • Learn by creating real apps
  • Learn from industry experts


  • Good Network Connection
  • Machine with at least 4GB RAM & 100GB free storage
  • Basic coding skill with the programming language

Flutter Training Syllabus


  • Introduction about Flutter
  • Required tools & SDK for flutter development
  • Installing on Windows & Mac

Your First App

  • Creating a new project
  • Setting up Android Studio & Emulator
  • Run your first app on real devices
  • Re-creating your first Flutter Project

Widgets & UI

  • What is a Widget?
  • Layout
    • ListView
    • GridView
    • Rows & Columns
  • Displaying Images on your flutter App
  • Other Widgets
  • Theming your flutter App

Navigation & Routing

  • Simple Routing
  • Named Routing
  • using OnGenertateRoute
  • Passing data between components


  • Accessing Network Requests using HTTP
  • Simple CRUD App with REST API
  • Working with Firebase

Device Features

  • Accessing Camera & Gallery
  • Accessing Geolocation


  • Facebook
  • Google


  • Local Notifications
  • Push Notifications


  • Implementing Google Ads (Admob)


  • Updating Icon & Splash screen
  • PlayStore Publishing
  • AppStore Release

Frequently Asked Question

What are prerequisites?
If you have any basic programming knowledge, you can join this course.

How the training will be conducted?
We offer 1-1 training session via zoom.

What is the duration of this course?
Our live training will be for 15 days (1.5 hours each day). you get free support after that.

Do you provide study material?
Yes, we offer study material such as source code, documentation, videos to improve your skills.

Do you provide any certifications?
Yes, we do provide course completion certification from codesundar.com

Do you provide any discounts?
If you’re joining as a group (min 3) of people, you can contact us for discounts. we also offer partial payments for individuals

Still, have questions?
Feel free to reach me