Flutter training

What is Flutter?

Flutter is a Google’s cross-platform mobile application framework that allows you to create Android, iOS, and PWA using single codebase (Dart) with high performance

Who can learn?

  • Entrepreneur: Are an entrepreneur who wants to build the next billion-dollar app? Here is a solution for you! We cover all aspects of app development with flutter
  • Student or Job Seeker: If you’re a student or job seekers who want to learn & explore Flutter or looking for a career change with flutter? we can help you!
  • Anyone: Yes, Anyone who wants to learn flutter, we can help you

Benefits of this course

  • This course is entirely designed with beginners in mind.
  • Learn by creating real apps
  • Learn from industry experts


  • Good Network Connection
  • Machine with at least 4GB RAM & 100GB free storage
  • Basic coding skill with the programming language

Flutter Training Syllabus


  • Introduction about Flutter
  • Required tools & SDK for flutter development
  • Installing on Windows & Mac

Your First App

  • Creating a new project
  • Setting up Android Studio & Emulator
  • Run your first app on real devices
  • Re-creating your first Flutter Project

Widgets & UI

  • What is a Widget?
  • Layout
    • ListView
    • GridView
    • Rows & Columns
  • Displaying Images on your flutter App
  • Other Widgets
  • Theming your flutter App

Navigation & Routing

  • Simple Routing
  • Named Routing
  • using OnGenertateRoute
  • Passing data between components


  • Accessing Network Requests using HTTP
  • Simple CRUD App with REST API
  • Working with Firebase

Device Features

  • Accessing Camera & Gallery
  • Accessing Geolocation


  • Facebook
  • Google


  • Local Notifications
  • Push Notifications


  • Implementing Google Ads (Admob)


  • Updating Icon & Splash screen
  • PlayStore Publishing
  • AppStore Release

Frequently Asked Questions

How to course will be conducted?

This course is completely live interactive online training.(It’s not a recorded video). We take training via skype, zoom or hangout.

Duration: Each student comes with a different skill, so we don’t limit or force you to complete this course with fixed timelines. Usually, our student will complete our course 15-20 days

Fee: Rs.15, 000 (or) 230 USD

How to join this course?

Please contact us: https://codesundar.com/contact-us/

Do you provide study material?

Yes, We share study material such as learning resources, source code, and videos. We also provide a task for each module