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create ionic chat app with firebase

This tutorial we’re going to create simple Ionic chat app with firebase backend Technologies used: Ionic Framework (v3) Firebase 3 (we’re not going to use AngularFire) Creating new project in Firebase First, we need to create new project in firebase Step 1: Login with your Firebase ( & create new project step 2: Click “add firebase […]


In this article, we’re going to learn how to create API key in Google Console. It can be helpful for integrating google maps, push notification or any other google web services steps to create API key in Google Console Log in to your google console Create New Project Create API key for Android Create API […]

In this article, we’re going to learn how to create reverse client id for google login. It can be used in Cordova (PhoneGap) Google+ Login, Ionic 2 Google+ login. Step by step guide Login with developer console Create new project creating credentials for android & iOS apps Generating Hash key Step 1: login to with your […]


This article we’re going to learn how to Create Facebook Application for your PhoneGap, Cordova or Ionic based applications. Steps to create facebook application step 1: login with with your facebook account step 2: Create a new application step 3: Fill your developer & App Information & pass Captcha step 4: Goto DashBoard & Choose […]

Firebase Integration Ionic 2 – Introduction Ionic & Firebase Tutorial: This firebase integration with Ionic 2 contains following steps to do Create New Firebase Project from Create New Ionic 2 Project & Setting up dependencies Working with Ionic Project Create New Project ionic start –v2 Firebase blank Add Required platform ionic platform add android ionic platform […]

access photo gallery using ionic 2

In previous article, I’ve explained how to access Camera to take Picture using Ionic 2. This article I’m going to explain how to access photo gallery using ionic 2 Goal Access Gallery & Choose Picture Get Picture with Base64 String Convert Base64 String to Viewable Image DOWNLOAD SOURCE CODE Steps to follow 1. Create New […]

Access camera using Ionic 2

This example, I’m gonna explain how to access camera using Ionic 2 with Ionic Native Goal Take Picture via Camera & Display on the page DOWNLOAD SOURCE CODE Steps Create New Ionic 2 Project ionic start TakePhoto –v2 Add Required Platform ionic platform add android ionic platform add ios Add cordova Camera Plugin ( ionic […]

Ionic 2 ActionSheet Example

This Article I’m going to explain, How to create ActionSheet using Ionic Framework -v2. Goal: Create a button When user pressed button, open action sheet with 2 option Option 1: Access Camera Option 2: Access Gallery Display Output in console DOWNLOAD SOURCE CODE STEPS Create New Ionic 2 Project ionic start ActionSheet blank –v2 Create […]

Ionic 2 Date Picker Example

This article, I’m going to create Ionic 2 date picker example using typescript. Our Goal: Display Current Date time inside <ion-datetime></ion-datetime> Tag Open DatePicker for choose other date & change date DOWNLOAD SOURCE CODE STEPS Create new ionic blank project ionic start DatePicker blank –v2 create DateTime tag src/home.html with two-way(ngModel) binding <ion-content padding> <ion-datetime displayFormat=”DD-MM-YYYY HH:mm” […]


Build Mobile Apps with WordPress using PhoneGap Part 1: Setup & Read Latest Post from WordPress Part 2: User Registration & Login In the last article, I have explained how to read a latest post from the WordPress blog. In this tutorial, I’m going to explain how to do user registration and user login using WordPress backend. […]

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