Ionic Training

What is ionic framework?

Ionic framework allows you to create mobile apps for Android, iOS, PWA using Single Codebase (HTML, CSS, and JavaScript). It built with help of Angular.

What you’ll learn from this course?

  • Environment Setup for ionic & Cordova
  • Ionic UI Components
  • Storage & Ionic Native
  • Handling HTTP requests (REST API)
  • Handling Media like images and videos
  • Firebase Integration
  • Social Authentication
  • Publishing your apps to PlayStore & AppStore


  • Basic programming knowledge (any programming skill)
  • Basic HTML, CSS Skills
  • Basic JavaScript skills (optional)
  • Good Network Connectivity
  • Windows / Mac (Min.2GB RAM, 100GB Storage)

Who can learn?

  • Web Developer who wants to develop mobile apps
  • Entrepreneur  / startup owners
  • Student / Job seeking persons
  • Anyone who has interested in ionic development

Ionic 4 Course Content

Introduction & Installation

  • Introduction to ionic framework
  • Environment setup
  • Exploring ionic file structure
  • Learning ionic commands

UI Components

Learn how to work with UI components such as Action Sheets, Alerts, Modals, Buttons, Tabs, Segmentation, Inputs and much more

  • Working with Inputs & Buttons
  • Action sheet, Segment
  • AlertBox, Modals, Toast Message
  • Working with Images

Theming your App

  • Modifying your App theme with sass


  • Working with Ionic List view
  • Ionic Grid view

Routing (Navigation)

Learn How to work with multiple pages, passing data between 2 pages, reading inputs & displaying inputs with another page.

  • Creating new pages
  • Navigate Between pages
  • Passing data between pages
  • Learn about Angular Router


Learn how to send/receive data from a remote server using HTTP requests.

  • Reading data from Remote server
  • Sending data to the remote server
  • Simple Authentication

Working with Media

  • Capturing images from the camera
  • Accessing Photo from an existing gallery

Learn how to capture images from the camera, access image gallery, record audio, and video.

Working with Location

  • Accessing the user’s current location
  • Displaying user location with Google Map

Learn how to access the user’s location, How to display Google Maps. Getting user’s address using places API

Working with Offline Storage

  • Key-value based storage using ionic storage
  • SQLite Storage

Learn how to store your data inside your mobile securely. Learn how to use the SQLite database

Working with Firebase

  • Introduction to firebase
  • Learn about firebase usage in your app
  • Firebase Authentication
    • Email/password
    • Facebook Authentication
    • Google Authentication
  • Firebase Storage
  • Firebase Realtime Database
  • Firebase FireStore
  • Hosting your ionic apps on firebase

Learn how to perform database operations with Firebase, User Authentication, Media upload with firebase


  • Facebook Authentication via ionic-native
  • Google+ Authentication via ionic-native

Learn how to perform user authentication such as email/password, Facebook Login, Google+ login

Push Notification: Learn how to send and receive push notification using Firebase Push Notification Service

  • What is Push Notification
  • Firebase Cloud Messaging (FCF)
  • Implementing push notification

Working with Ads: Want to display ads for your ionic apps? Learn Google AdMob SDK

  • Exploring Google AdMob
  • Multiple Ads type & AdID creation
  • Displaying Banner, Full Screen, video Ads on your ionic app


  • Implementing Paypal


  • Generating KeyStore file
  • Preparing Icon & Splash screen
  • Updating brand information
  • Publishing your app to PlayStore & AppStore


$230USD / 15000INR


  • Project-Based Learning
  • Learn from Expert
  • Downloadable source code
  • 1:1 Live Training
  • Free Course Update

Frequently Asked Question

How training will be conducted & the duration of this course?

Training will be conducted via online using Zoom. It’ll be 1:1 session or group (limited). We know, every student has different skillsets, so we don’t have a fixed duration. Your satisfaction is my success.(Tip: usually students will complete in 15-20 days)

Do you provide any certifications?

Yes, we do provide course completion certification from

What are prerequisites?

If you have any basic programming knowledge, you can join this course.

Do you provide any discounts?

If you’re joining as a group (min 3) of people, you can contact us for discounts.we don’t have any discounts for individuals, but you can make payments in two parts (50:50).