So you have decided to create mobile apps using PhoneGap (cordova)? Now you want to decide which framework is best for your UI development, right?

we can split these list based on following criteria

  • Angular Based Framework
  • React JS based Framework
  • Vue JS based Framework
  • Others

These are the top and best UI Framework for PhoneGap / Apache Cordova development. I tried more than 5+ UI frameworks during development. I found these three are Good and easy for me.

Angular Based Frameworks

React Based Mobile UI Frameworks

VueJS based Mobile UI frameworks

Other Mobile Frameworks

These are some of popular frameworks for creating UI for your phonegap (cordova) applications. but among these, we can recommend few which is perfectly suits for your development

Our Recommendation:

  • Ionic Framework (Highly recommended)
  • Onsen UI
  • Framework 7
  • JQuery Mobile

Ionic FrameworkIonic framework allows you to create mobile app for android, ios, web & pwa. It supports all major frameworks such as Angular, React, Vue. you can also use this without any framework too.

Features of Ionic Framework:

  • Completely Open Source
  • Angular JS based
  • Good Performance
  • CSS Components like list view, header, footer, icons and more
  • Javascript for controllers for Swipe Menu, Pull to refresh, swipe to delete and more
  • Icons based on Ionicons

Additional Benefits

  • Push Notification Services, App Analytics
  • Drag and Drop Creator and more

Onsen UI: also supports major frameworks such as Angular, React, Vue.

Features of Onsen UI:

  • Completely Open Sources
  • Angular JS and Jquery Based
  • CSS Components for Header, Footer, Content, List View and more
  • JavaScript Controller for Swipe Pull to refresh and more
  • Pre-Made Templates for Login, Profile, Timeline and more
  • Icons based on font awesome

Additional Features

  • Cloud based IDE with drag and drop (Monaca)
  • Push Notification, Analytics Services and more

Framework 7 Provides UI components, layouts for your phonegap apps


Features of Framework 7:

  • Open Source
  • Beautifully designed
  • More animations and UI components that Ionic and Onsen UI
  • Material Design also included
  • Pre-Made templates

JQuery Mobile: I recommend JQuery Mobile for people who don’t aware of frameworks like angular, react. they can use it

phonegap ui framework jquery mobile
phonegap ui framework jquery mobile

Features of Jquery Mobile:

  • Simple, Quick, Easy to Learn & to Use
  • Jquery Based
  • CSS UI Components

Additional Features

  • Theme Roller for customize

Found some other useful frameworks? You can comment below