These are the top and best UI Framework for PhoneGap / Apache Cordova development. I tried more than 5+ UI frameworks during development. I found these three are Good and easy for me.

Best UI Framework for Phonegap / Apache Cordova

Ionic Framework: – Highly Recommend by me

Description: Advanced Hybrid Mobile Application Framework

Features of Ionic Framework:

  • Completely Open Source
  • Angular JS based
  • Good Performance
  • CSS Components like list view, header, footer, icons and more
  • Javascript for controllers for Swipe Menu, Pull to refresh, swipe to delete and more
  • Icons based on Ionicons

Additional Benefits

  • Push Notification Services, App Analytics
  • Drag and Drop Creator and more
phonegap ui framework ionic
PhoneGap UI framework ionic


Framework 7

Features of Framework 7:

  • Open Source
  • Beautifully designed
  • More animations and UI components that Ionic and Onsen UI
  • Material Design also included
  • Pre-Made templates

Onsen UI :

Description : The Answer to Cordova UI Development

Features of Onsen UI:

  • Completely Open Sources
  • Angular JS and Jquery Based
  • CSS Components for Header, Footer, Content, List View and more
  • JavaScript Controller for Swipe Pull to refresh and more
  • Pre-Made Templates for Login, Profile, Timeline and more
  • Icons based on font awesome

Additional Features

  • Cloud based IDE with drag and drop (Monaca)
  • Push Notification, Analytics Services and more
phonegap ui framework onsen
phonegap ui framework onsen


Jquery Mobile

Features of Jquery Mobile:

  • Simple, Quick, Easy to Learn & to Use
  • Jquery Based
  • CSS UI Components

Additional Features

  • Theme Roller for customize
phonegap ui framework jquery mobile
phonegap ui framework jquery mobile

Mobile Angular UI ( – (Recommended by Maulik Shah – Commenter)

Materialize ( – Recommended by Yusuf Adeyemo (commenter)


Feel free to comment below, if you know any other framework

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