PhoneGap Tutorial

Upload Images using PhoneGap & PHP

Learn how to upload images using Cordova (PhoneGap) & PHP

PhoneGap Login with PHP & MySQL

A Simple login using Cordova, with PHP & MySQL backend

Setup Icon & Splash Screen for Cordova (PhoneGap)

Setup Icon & Splash for your cordova & Ionic

Cordova (PhoneGap) BarCode Scanner Example

A Simple BarCode Scanner app using Cordova (PhoneGap)

Build Mobile Apps with WordPress using PhoneGap / Cordova – Part 1

Fetch & Display Wordpress Posts using Ionic

Publishing Ionic / cordova Apps to PlayStore

PlayStore Publishing Guide for Cordova & Ionic Apps

Cordova PayPal Integration with Example

Accept Payments using PayPal inside Cordova Apps

Cordova Admob Tutorial

Display Banner & fullscreen Ads in Cordova Apps using Google AdMob

Cordova Push Notification (Phonegap plugin push) Tutorial

Cordova Push Notification Example with FCM

Cordova Plugin Google+

Simple Google login for Cordova (PhoneGap) Apps

Cordova Plugin Facebook

A Simple Facebook login for Cordova (PhoneGap) apps

cordova sqlite storage tutorial

Implementing SQLite (offline storage) with Cordova (PhoneGap)

Cordova Google Maps

Display Google Maps inside Cordova (PhoneGap) apps

Cordova Plugin Geolocation (Access User’s location)

Access user’s current location with cordova geolocation plugin

Access Camera & Gallery using Cordova Camera Plugin

Accessing device camera & gallery using cordova-camera-plugin

Cordova Plugin Contacts (Accessing Device Contacts)

Accessing device contacts using cordova-plugin-contacts

Cordova Device Plugin

Access device info using Cordova

PhoneGap PHP MySQL Example

Connect PHP & MySQL with Cordova (PhoneGap)