cordova plugin contacts

cordova-plugin-contacts used for accessing device contacts, where you can create new contact, clone contact, search and retrieve contacts

Note: edit & delete is not possible

cordova plugin add cordova-plugin-contacts


  • navigator.contacts.create
  • navigator.contacts.find
  • navigator.contacts.pickContact

How to create New contact ?


var myContact = navigator.contacts.create({"displayName": "Test User"});;

navigator.contacts.create used for creating new contacts, you need to pass json objects inside the function, .save() used for save your created contact with device

Search contact ?

navigator.contacts.find(fields, onSuccess, onError, options);

navigator.contacts.find() used for search contact with given field names


// find all contacts with 'sundar' in any name field
var options      = new ContactFindOptions();
options.filter   = "sundar";
options.multiple = true;
options.desiredFields = [];
options.hasPhoneNumber = true;
var fields       = [navigator.contacts.fieldType.displayName,];
navigator.contacts.find(fields, onSuccess, onError, options);
function onSuccess(contacts) {
alert('Found ' + contacts.length + ' contacts.');
function onError(contactError) {

Pick Contact

navigator.contacts.pickContact used for open a contact picker, where you can pick for particular contact & retrieve information about the contact

 console.log('The following contact has been selected:' + JSON.stringify(contact));
 console.log('Error: ' + err);
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