Step 1: Download & Install nodeJS

Node JS is used as environment for running ionic & cordova. you can download Node JS (stable) using

Step 2: Installing Cordova

Open your command prompt Execute

npm install -g cordova

Step 3: Installing Ionic

Open your command prompt Execute

npm install -g ionic

Step 4: Download & Install Java JDK & JRE

JDK & JRE are supporting softwares / libraries for Android Build. Download JAVA JDK from Download JRE using

Step 5: Installing Android Studio

Android Studio is used for building your applications. Download Android Studio from

If any of the commands are not working as expected, you can follow these solutions & try again

Path Setup for Windows Users

Right click your computer & Click Properties



Choose Advanced System Settings in your left menu


Choose Environment variables under Advanced Tab


Double Click path or Choose path & Click Edit


Paste the following path after “;”




You need to copy all paths & paste like this

c:\Program Files\Java\jre1.8.0_31\bin;C:\Android\androidsdk\sdk\tools;C:\Android\androidsdk\sdk\platform-tools;
NOTE: Installation path will be different based on your system, you can also check (C:\Users\$username\AppData\Local\Android\sdk) where "AppData" will be in hidden


Open your Command prompt & type android, it’ll open SDK manager & install blue ticked



Click install packages & Accept Licences


Path Setup for Mac Users


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