Ionic Cordova Installation

Have you tired of searching the ionic and Cordova (PhoneGap) setup tutorial? We have written step by step instructions for you. This article is common for both Windows & Mac. Please do not skip any single steps.

We have also added checklist on every step & included

Note: You must need a mac if you want to build your app for iOS

Tools Required

  1. Node JS
  3. Android Studio
  4. XCode (available only for mac)

Step 1: Download & Install nodeJS

Node JS is used as an environment for running ionic & can download Node JS (stable) using


1.1: I have downloaded & Installed Node JS

1.2: I have opened Command prompt & Executed node -v & npm -v without any error

Step 2: Installing Cordova

For installing Cordova on your machine, you need to open your command prompt/terminal & execute

npm <span class="hljs-keyword">install</span> -g cordova


2.1: I have Installed Cordova & I can run cordova -v without any error

Step 3: Installing Ionic

If you want to install ionic, you can open your command prompt execute

npm <span class="hljs-keyword">install</span> -g ionic


3.1: I have Installed Cordova & I can run ionic --version without any error

Step 4: Download & Install Java JDK & JRE

JDK & JRE are supporting software/libraries for Android Build. Download JAVA JDK from Download JRE using


4.1: I have downloaded & Installed both JDK & JRE
4.2: I have re-opened Command prompt & Executed java -version without any error
4.3: I have re-opened Command prompt & Executed javac -version without any error

If you faced any issue like, command not found, you must need to do path setup for your java. Please refer below


Please don’t move next step without completing the above checklist

Step 5: Installing Android Studio

Android Studio is used for building & generating apk files for your project. Download Android Studio from



5.1: I have downloaded Android Studio & Installed Successfully
5.2: I have Opened Android Studio & Created First Project Successfully
5.3: I have created an emulator & run my first project successfully

Path setup for Android

You need to setup a path for your android for building your app from the terminal. The path might vary based on your system. Please refer the reference link

For Windows

  C:<span class="hljs-symbol">\A</span>ndroid<span class="hljs-symbol">\a</span>ndroidsdk<span class="hljs-symbol">\s</span>dk<span class="hljs-symbol">\t</span>ools; 
  C:<span class="hljs-symbol">\A</span>ndroid<span class="hljs-symbol">\a</span>ndroidsdk<span class="hljs-symbol">\s</span>dk<span class="hljs-symbol">\b</span>uild-tools/27.0.3
  C:<span class="hljs-symbol">\A</span>ndroid<span class="hljs-symbol">\a</span>ndroidsdk<span class="hljs-symbol">\s</span>dk<span class="hljs-symbol">\p</span>latform-tools

For Mac

<span class="hljs-regexp">/Users/</span>sundaravel<span class="hljs-regexp">/android/</span>sdk/tools
<span class="hljs-regexp">/Users/</span>sundaravel<span class="hljs-regexp">/android/</span>sdk/platform-tools
<span class="hljs-regexp">/Users/</span>sundaravel<span class="hljs-regexp">/android/</span>sdk<span class="hljs-regexp">/build-tools/</span><span class="hljs-number">27.0</span><span class="hljs-number">.3</span>


Cheers!! Hope this helps.

If you faced any issue, feel free to comment below.

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