Setup Icon & Splash Screen for Cordova

How to Setup icon for PhoneGap project

Create a new folder called res outside to www directory

Method 1 (Simple & Easy Step)

  • Create your icon file with size of (500 X 500px)
  • Create a new folder (root directory, not in www) called res for storing your icon file
  • Add this <icon src="res/icon.png"/> on your config.xml file
  • Save and compile

Method 2

  • Create an Icon Set
  • Create New Folder (root directory, not in www) called res in your project directory
  • Create Sub Directories under res folder
  • Goto config.xml file and add/edit following lines


<platform name="android">
    <icon src="res/android/ldpi.png" density="ldpi" />
    <icon src="res/android/mdpi.png" density="mdpi" />
    <icon src="res/android/hdpi.png" density="hdpi" />
    <icon src="res/android/xhdpi.png" density="xhdpi" />


<platform name="ios">
    <icon src="res/ios/icon-60@3x.png" width="180" height="180" />
    <icon src="res/ios/icon-60.png" width="60" height="60" />
    <icon src="res/ios/icon-60@2x.png" width="120" height="120" />
    <icon src="res/ios/icon-76.png" width="76" height="76" />
    <icon src="res/ios/icon-76@2x.png" width="152" height="152" />
    <icon src="res/ios/icon-40.png" width="40" height="40" />
    <icon src="res/ios/icon-40@2x.png" width="80" height="80" />
    <icon src="res/ios/icon.png" width="57" height="57" />
    <icon src="res/ios/icon@2x.png" width="114" height="114" />
    <icon src="res/ios/icon-72.png" width="72" height="72" />
    <icon src="res/ios/icon-72@2x.png" width="144" height="144" />
    <icon src="res/ios/icon-small.png" width="29" height="29" />
    <icon src="res/ios/icon-small@2x.png" width="58" height="58" />
    <icon src="res/ios/icon-50.png" width="50" height="50" />
    <icon src="res/ios/icon-50@2x.png" width="100" height="100" />

Save & Recompile your application

how to setup splash screen for PhoneGap project

In this splash screen tutorial, we’re going to learn how to set up a splash screen for PhoneGap project or apache Cordova based applications.

Follow these steps:

Step 1: Create your Cordova (PhoneGap) project

cordova create projectname
cd projectname

Step 2: Add Splash Screen Plugins

cordova plugin add cordova-plugin-splashscreen

step 3 :

Create a New folder called (res) in your root directory and save/move your splash screen images.

Step 4:

Change your config.xml file with following

<platform name="android">
    <splash src="res/screen/android/splash-land-hdpi.png" density="land-hdpi"/>
    <splash src="res/screen/android/splash-land-ldpi.png" density="land-ldpi"/>
    <splash src="res/screen/android/splash-land-mdpi.png" density="land-mdpi"/>
    <splash src="res/screen/android/splash-land-xhdpi.png" density="land-xhdpi"/>
    <splash src="res/screen/android/splash-port-hdpi.png" density="port-hdpi"/>
    <splash src="res/screen/android/splash-port-ldpi.png" density="port-ldpi"/>
    <splash src="res/screen/android/splash-port-mdpi.png" density="port-mdpi"/>
    <splash src="res/screen/android/splash-port-xhdpi.png" density="port-xhdpi"/>

<platform name="ios">
    <splash src="res/screen/ios/Default~iphone.png" width="320" height="480"/>
    <splash src="res/screen/ios/Default@2x~iphone.png" width="640" height="960"/>
    <splash src="res/screen/ios/Default-Portrait~ipad.png" width="768" height="1024"/>
    <splash src="res/screen/ios/Default-Portrait@2x~ipad.png" width="1536" height="2048"/>
    <splash src="res/screen/ios/Default-Landscape~ipad.png" width="1024" height="768"/>
    <splash src="res/screen/ios/Default-Landscape@2x~ipad.png" width="2048" height="1536"/>
    <splash src="res/screen/ios/Default-568h@2x~iphone.png" width="640" height="1136"/>
    <splash src="res/screen/ios/Default-667h.png" width="750" height="1334"/>
    <splash src="res/screen/ios/Default-736h.png" width="1242" height="2208"/>
    <splash src="res/screen/ios/Default-Landscape-736h.png" width="2208" height="1242"/>

<platform name="wp8">
    <splash src="res/screen/wp8/SplashScreenImage.jpg" width="768" height="1280"/>

<platform name="windows8">
    <splash src="res/screen/windows8/splashscreen.png" width="620" height="300"/>

where SplashScreenDelay is display duration in milliseconds